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Manufacturing Engineering
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Dimension Tool & Machining Inc. can provide engineering assistance during all stages of a product's manufacture.

During the development stage we can help design your product, or optimize your design to achieve your cost and functionality goals.  
During the manufacturing stage we can help streamline your manufacturing process; reduce production costs; or create a turnkey operations. 

We understand the need to keep a products release date on target, and work with customers to keep projects on track .
Turnkey Operations

We can develop a complete process solution for a product or a product line. Don't let inexperience with manufacturing processes hold you back. In todays manufacturing environment a company needs to be able to offer value added services. Whether you are a fabrication or welding shop looking to perform secondary machining operations; or a Injection molding facility looking to add complex features on small runs of product we can assist you.  

Production Improvement

Manufacturing is a complex web of interactions between humans, materials, tools, and machines. Our manufacturing and design experience allow us to take a holistic approach to improvement of the production process. Whether you are looking to reduce scrap, ease operator fatigue or increase throughput, we can help you achieve your goals. 
Design for Manufacture

Over 70% of the costs associated with a product are determined early in the product’s design and development. Yet many designers do not have practical manufacturing experience. Often times minimal design changes can create significant cost reductions. 

It is easier and less expensive to apply D.F.M. principals at the prototype stage of the manufacturing process. Applying D.F.M. principles during the design stage allows optimum use  of materials and processes.    

Design for Assembly

We can help ensure an assembly is intelligent and suitable for production, that the attachment of parts is reliable and that the number of components is reduced where possible.

Cost and Function Analysis 

Often times when a product is developed a designer will be more concerned with getting his ideas on paper then the efficiency of the design. He is often working on instinct and rough calculations. The design is handed off to someone else and detailed. The drawings are released to the shop and a prototype is built and tested. Typically the product then goes on to production. The critical step of reviewing the design for possible cost reductions is skipped. We can help optimize the design to insure the jump from prototype to product is successful and cost effective.
File Formats We Can Work With

There are so many CAD and CAM packages available it is impossible
for us to be able to work with them all. Here are the file formats we can work from.

.DXF - AutoCAD 2010 or earlier
.DWG - AutoCAD 210 or earlier
.PDF - Adobe Acrobat
.IGS - International Graphic Exchange Files
.IGES - International Graphic Exchange Files
.X_T - Parasolids
.X_B - Parasolids
.STL - Stereo Lithography
.SLDPRT - Solid Works 2005
.PRT - Solid Works 2005
.PRT - Pro E
.MCX - MasterCAM 15 or ealrier
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